Moving Out of State With a Child Custody Agreement

  • 3 Important Reasons To Hire An Attorney When Facing A Divorce

    24 August 2018

    Divorce is one of the more stressful life events to be put through. Your emotions may be spiraling out of control, and there are a lot of legal issues to deal with. Instead of dealing with this process alone, consider hiring a divorce attorney. They can help out in the following ways.  1. Maintain Fairness   Some divorces end up bad because one party wants more than they're entitled to. This can ruin the other party financially.

  • Has Your Teen Taken A Summer Job? What To Do If They're Injured At Work

    10 July 2018

    Now that school is out, teenagers are hurrying to secure their summer employment. If your teen has joined the summer workforce, you need to worry about on-the-job injuries. You never know when your teen is going to slip and fall or injure their back lifting a heavy load while they're at work. If they do suffer a work-related injury this summer, you'll need to work fast to protect their rights. You might not realize this, but even teenage workers have the right to workers' compensation benefits.

  • Don't Deal With Those Injuries Alone: Why You Need A Medical Malpractice Attorney

    9 June 2018

    If you've been injured by your healthcare provider, you're going to need a medical malpractice attorney. This isn't something that you should handle on your own. Medical malpractice is a complex legal issue, and can get confusing if you don't know what you're doing. That's why you need to hire a medical malpractice attorney. Not only will they untangle the confusion for you, they'll also provide you with the following benefits.

  • 4 Practical Questions to Ask Your Workers' Comp Attorney the Next Time You Call

    9 May 2018

    A workers' compensation lawsuit can take a dreadfully long time -- especially when you're stuck at home, in pain, without work to distract you. On top of that, you probably have unpaid bills piling up and no end in sight. So, naturally, it's certainly understandable if you call your attorney's office every couple weeks to ask for an update on your case. Unfortunately, if you don't know the right questions to ask, you may end up ending the call without knowing much more than you did when you began it.

  • How Have You Been Injured?

    14 April 2018

    When you get hurt because of another person's actions, you are entitled to be compensated. The type of compensation and the amount depends on the exact nature of the injury. The harm done to individuals tend to fall into several categories of damage, so read on for an overview of each and determine how you've been injured. Personal Injury This is somewhat of a catch-all term, but legally-speaking it only applies to injuries that injure your physical self or your mental self.

  • Why You Need To Hire A Securities Attorney

    16 March 2018

    If you're heavily invested in the stock market as part of your retirement planning, you need to know that your investments are sound. In order to do that, you need to hire a competent investment broker. When you hire a broker, you expect them to have your best interest in mind. You also expect them to protect your portfolio. If your broker has made decisions that have undermined your financial stability, and put you at risk for significant losses, it's time to talk to a securities attorney.

  • Stepmothers And Estate Disputes: Understand The Connection And How To Stop It From Happening

    12 February 2018

    Why do so many widows end up at odds with their stepchildren? Experts say that around 50% of estates that end up in litigation involve a dispute between a stepmother and her deceased spouse's natural children. The arguments can range from relatively minor (but very emotional) disagreements over the personal items of the deceased husband/father to major contests over the terms of the will or a trust.  Why do stepmothers end up in so many estate disputes?