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The Basics Of Diversion Programs In Criminal Law

by Layla Bryant

There are situations in criminal law when defendants may be able to take advantage of something called a diversion program. This program is not offered in all states and for all cases, but it is available in some situations. If you are facing your first criminal charge, you may want to research this type of program and talk to your lawyer about it, as it offers a lot of key advantages to first-time offenders.

The basic principle of a diversion program

The basic principle of a diversion program is to offer a first-time offender a way to avoid having criminal charges on his or her record. In order for this to happen, the court offers a diversion program that requires the defendant to do certain things and to avoid all legal problems during a certain period of time, such as one year. If the defendant completes all the requirements and avoids any new criminal charges, the court drops the original criminal charges, and the person never again has to worry about these charges.

What a diversion program might involve

Diversion programs are generally only available in certain areas and for people who have no criminal histories. If you are a first-time offender and have the chance to accept a diversion program, the program might last for an entire year. During this year, you would not be able to get in any trouble legally, and you may have several requirements to complete. For one, you may have to attend classes or counseling a certain number of times. You might be required to pay restitution to anyone you hurt or affected in the original crime. You might also have to complete community service, or you might have to do other things. These are some of the most common requirements associated with diversion programs.

The benefits a diversion program offers

Diversion programs basically give a person a second chance, and they offer a way to avoid having a criminal record. If a person successfully completes his or her diversion program, the charges are completely wiped away. This program also benefits courts and jails, too, as it helps people have the opportunity to change, which may help prevent them from returning to court or jail in the future for new criminal charges.

If you are able to use a diversion program, you will receive many benefits from it. To learn more about diversion programs or ways to fight your criminal charges, call a firm like Maruca Law today.