Moving Out of State With a Child Custody Agreement

  • Advice for Building a Successful Legal Career as a Personal Injury Attorney

    16 July 2021

    Personal injury attorneys have an important job, and that's to help victims get justice and compensation after getting injured. If you're looking to make it as a personal injury attorney, this advice will make a substantial difference in the growth you can see. Become a Master in Personal Injury Law When you first start out, you will want to make yourself undeniable for potential clients looking for personal injury services. You can be if you really take time to become a master of personal injury law.

  • Intellectual Property Violations And Your Company's Online Content

    11 June 2021

    With more blogs than ever on the internet, and social media becoming increasingly popular, there's a widespread belief that, if something is on the internet, it is automatically free to use. This is a mistaken presumption, and it is one that can prove costly. If your company has published content online, that content is protected by copyright laws. Here's what your corporate intellectual property lawyer wants you to know about enforcing that copyright if someone has stolen your company's online content.

  • Qualifying for Disability With a Soft Tissue Injury

    5 May 2021

    Most Americans will experience soft tissue injuries at one point in their lives. However, certain types of soft tissue injuries, such as burns, can make it difficult to work and you may need to file a disability claim so that you can receive benefits through the SSDI program. Soft Tissue Injuries and Disability In some cases, soft tissue injuries are so severe that they can lead to severe pain that can prevent the homeowner from being able to continue working.

  • Understanding Car Accidents Involving Bicycles

    5 April 2021

    No one wants to get in a car accident, but if a bike was involved, you may be wondering if you will get your fair settlement. However, in some cases, the bicyclist may actually be fully responsible for your injuries and damages. If you would like to learn more, check out these commonly asked questions regarding car accidents involving bikes. Is a Bicyclist a Pedestrian? When children ride bikes, they often are treated as pedestrians.

  • Facing Legal Separation And Don't Understand Family Law ? Here's How A Family Lawyer Can Help

    8 March 2021

    The legal separation process can be contentious and is often filled with issues that can be difficult for ordinary people to understand and solve. Some of these issues include division of properties, guardianship, child support, and alimony. Fortunately, hiring an objective and highly-skilled family lawyer can help make the process easy, fast, and as painless as possible. Below are ways in which a legal separation lawyer can help you.   Explain the Grounds for Separation 

  • Laying Off Employees? 5 Times the WARN Act Doesn't Affect You

    3 February 2021

    Is your industrial plant preparing to close a facility and lay off employees? The Human Resource department's actions now can either keep their employer from being in legal jeopardy with federal law or put it in jeopardy. The basis for this distinction is how well you follow the rules of the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification (WARN) act. This act stipulates that covered employers in covered situations must provide written notice of mass layoffs 60 days in advance.

  • Thinking About Getting a Holographic Will? What To Know

    11 January 2021

    It's important to leave behind instructions on what to do with your property after you pass away. Some might say that a handwritten or holographic will is better than nothing. The way holographic wills are treated varies from state to state and can sometimes be affected by the will's contents. Read on to find out more. Why Have a Holographic Will? Many people prefer to keep their financial affairs as private as possible and that can result in a handwritten will.