Moving Out of State With a Child Custody Agreement

  • Benefits Of Using The Arbitration Dispute Resolution Process

    8 December 2021

    Disputes are bound to arise every day due to personal and commercial interactions. Thus, people need dispute resolution avenues to aid in settling their issues. Usually, most people solve their disputes through the litigation process. This is often a contentious adversarial process where parties in a dispute hire competent attorneys to argue on their behalf. However, other alternative dispute resolution mechanisms aim to achieve amicable solutions through less contentious processes. These mechanisms include negotiation, mediation, and arbitration.

  • How to Stop the IRS from Seizing Your Property

    1 November 2021

    While the IRS prefers that they work out a deal in which you pay your taxes voluntarily, the IRS will sometimes use other methods to seize taxes. For example, the IRS might seize your property as a way to pay the tax debt. However, you might be able to prevent this from happening with the help of a real estate tax attorney. The Process by Which the IRS Seizes Property

  • A New Law May Lead To An Automatic Expunging Of Your Criminal Records

    22 September 2021

    In the past, if you wanted to have your criminal record expunged you needed to file with the help of an expungement attorney, regardless of whether you were expunging felonies or misdemeanors. However, with the various clean slate bills that have been passed in multiple states, certain crimes can now be expunged automatically. You will want to consult with an expungement attorney to determine if you qualify. The Impact of Expungement on Your Criminal Record

  • Filing For Divorce? Mediation Fundamentals

    19 August 2021

    If you're preparing to file for a divorce, you might be thinking about ways to avoid contentious litigation. One of the things that you may be thinking about is potentially attending a mediation service. Mediation is a process where you meet with a neutral third party who will help you and your soon-to-be-ex navigate the settlement process. However, it's important that you fully understand the mediation process before you make your decision.

  • Advice for Building a Successful Legal Career as a Personal Injury Attorney

    16 July 2021

    Personal injury attorneys have an important job, and that's to help victims get justice and compensation after getting injured. If you're looking to make it as a personal injury attorney, this advice will make a substantial difference in the growth you can see. Become a Master in Personal Injury Law When you first start out, you will want to make yourself undeniable for potential clients looking for personal injury services. You can be if you really take time to become a master of personal injury law.

  • Intellectual Property Violations And Your Company's Online Content

    11 June 2021

    With more blogs than ever on the internet, and social media becoming increasingly popular, there's a widespread belief that, if something is on the internet, it is automatically free to use. This is a mistaken presumption, and it is one that can prove costly. If your company has published content online, that content is protected by copyright laws. Here's what your corporate intellectual property lawyer wants you to know about enforcing that copyright if someone has stolen your company's online content.

  • Qualifying for Disability With a Soft Tissue Injury

    5 May 2021

    Most Americans will experience soft tissue injuries at one point in their lives. However, certain types of soft tissue injuries, such as burns, can make it difficult to work and you may need to file a disability claim so that you can receive benefits through the SSDI program. Soft Tissue Injuries and Disability In some cases, soft tissue injuries are so severe that they can lead to severe pain that can prevent the homeowner from being able to continue working.