Moving Out of State With a Child Custody Agreement

  • Three Essential Things To Have In Mind If You Want To Stop A No-Fault Divorce

    29 March 2016

    Stopping a divorce depends on the type of divorce you filed in the first place. You may stop a fault divorce by successfully defending the accusations your spouse made, although it isn't usually easy. For a no-fault divorce, the person who made the application has to file a motion for dismissal. Here are three things you should have in mind if you wish to stop a no-fault divorce: You May Need Your Spouse's Consent

  • 3 Instances Where Restraining Orders Are Used

    9 March 2016

    Restraining orders are often used to protect an individual who might be in danger of harm to their person or their property. There are a number of different instances where one of these orders is often used. To help you better understand some of them, three are outlined below. Domestic violence cases. While domestic violence cases often involve family members, there is a chance it could involve a neighbor or friend as well.

  • Maryland Personal Injury Lawsuits

    25 January 2016

    Personal injury lawsuits can be an excellent tool in your fight to secure the compensation that you deserve. Unfortunately, there are a lot of laws out there on this specific subject, and some of them will help you and some of them will hurt you. If you are planning on filing this type of lawsuit, then it's crucial that you are familiar with these laws, since they can determine whether your case succeeds or fails.

  • 3 Ways To Co-Parent During A Divorce

    21 January 2016

    If you and your spouse share children, your relationship does not end when you file for divorce. You and your spouse will have to continue to co-parent your children and this can sometimes be difficult. To help you avoid conflict, here are some co-parenting tips to use during and after the divorce.  Never Make Assumptions One of the biggest mistakes you and your spouse could make is making assumptions about decisions that need to be made for your children.

  • Returning To The Dating World After A Divorce

    21 January 2016

    When you are in the process of getting divorced, and you know you would like to start dating again, one of the challenging questions to answer is whether it is too soon to start dating again. Some divorcees date while in the midst of a divorce, while other divorcees remain emotionally married to their ex for years before they finally consider making room for someone else. There are advantages and disadvantages to dating so soon after a divorce.

  • 3 Questions To Ask Your Accident Attorney During Consultation

    5 January 2016

    If you've been involved in an accident, you may want to take legal action against the other driver. The key to being able to financially recover may rest in doing so. You're sure to be faced with a number of expenses you may not have been expecting due to the collision. Knowing specific questions to ask your attorney during your first meeting is an ideal way to start building your case.

  • 3 Simple Courtroom Etiquette Rules For Your Family Law Case

    16 December 2015

    Going through a divorce is hard. It isn't something you can exactly plan for. It often happens out of the blue when you least expect it. While you are stuck trying to figure things out and make sense of it all, you need to make sure you understand a few things about the way the courtroom works. You don't want to go in and do something that could jeopardize your case or make you look bad in front of the judge.

  • Think A Landlord Has Violated Your Civil Rights: What You Need To Know

    1 December 2015

    You've double-checked your credit, your references, and you have your deposit check ready. There's only one problem – the landlord denied your application to rent. While sometimes there are valid reasons why an application may be denied, unfortunately, there are also situations when an application is denied solely because of discrimination. Protected Rights Landlord-tenant discrimination revolves around a phrase known as protected rights. Protected rights encompass things about you that you can't necessarily alter, such as your sexual orientation, sexuality or ethnic background.

  • What To Do After A Total Loss Accident

    12 November 2015

    If you have been in a total loss accident, you will want to know what you have to do in order to get the claims filed quickly and efficiently with your car insurance company. Having a car accident attorney help you with the process can ensure that you receive the pay out for your vehicle that you deserve. Here's what you should do: Report the Accident Right Away: If you wait to report the accident with your insurance company, it's only going to delay the process and the process in and of itself can take a month or two until it's complete.

  • 4 Ways To Fight Depression During A Divorce

    26 October 2015

    According to experts, divorce is the second most traumatic life event, second to the death of a spouse. It makes sense that a lot of people going through a divorce experience situational depression. After all, even if the divorce is something you wanted, it represents a major disruption to your life and forces you to rethink your entire future. While it's normal to be a little down during a divorce, there are definite, specific things you can do to regain your emotional equanimity.