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Essential Information You Need When Pursuing Payments For A Brain Injury Suffered In A Motorcycle Crash

by Layla Bryant

Riding a motorcycle can be an incredibly enjoyable activity. Yet, it also carries risks, including colliding with other motorcycles, automobiles, and stationary objects along the road. Unfortunately, such incidents can leave you as the rider nursing severe injuries. For example, if the impact affects your upper body, you might suffer head injuries that could affect your brain. If this happens, you may have grounds for suing the person who knocked you down. Therefore, you need to contact a personal injury law attorney to determine how to proceed with your claim. During your consultation, ask them the following questions in order to understand your case and how to protect your right to compensation.

When Should You Seek Medical Care?

If you suffer head injuries in a motorcycle crash, you might notice signs indicating that you need a check-up. For instance, you may lose consciousness or feel confused or disoriented after the collision. Other symptoms you might experience include a headache, sensitivity to light, speech problems, or difficulty concentrating and remembering details. These signs might indicate that you have a serious issue needing immediate medical care. Still, you may have suffered severe internal injuries even if you don't notice these symptoms. Therefore, you need to get a check-up immediately after the crash, regardless of how you feel.

This way, you will get a thorough examination to immediately diagnose any injuries you may have suffered in the collision. Furthermore, you will get prompt treatment to prevent complicated issues that may have otherwise arisen in the future. This is essential — especially if you've suffered a brain injury — because failure to get timely treatment might cause problems that impact your life in the long term. Besides this, not seeking immediate treatment might create disagreements about the cause and severity of your injuries. For these reasons, your attorney will want you to seek medical attention immediately after the crash.

Can You Collect Compensation for Damages If You Were Not Wearing a Helmet?

Helmets are designed to reduce the severity of head injuries in case riders get into collisions. Therefore, you might be accused of negligence if you were not wearing one when a driver hit you. Consequently, the defendants might request the court to reduce your payments or bar you from getting any compensation. In any case, it is essential to note that brain injuries can occur even while wearing a helmet. Therefore, if the wrongdoer argues that you are responsible for your own losses, hire a lawyer to fight for you. The legal practitioner could present evidence, e.g., to show that you would have suffered harm even if you had worn protective headgear.

If you're planning to take legal action after suffering a brain injury in a motorcycle crash, a motorbike attorney from a personal injury law firm can provide you with the help you need. This includes collecting evidence to support your claim and representing you in your lawsuit to help ensure that you get your rightful payment.