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So, You Bought A Lemon. Now What?

by Layla Bryant

Buying a car can be a tricky process, whether you buy the vehicle from a private party or a dealership. You might have done all your research, but that does not mean that you cannot be fooled. In this case, you could have purchased a lemon without realizing it.

So, what should you do if you accidentally bought a lemon? Here's what you need to know about the steps that lay ahead.

Understand What a Lemon Is

First, you need to know exactly what a lemon is and how the law applies to the vehicle you purchased. A lemon is a vehicle with a major defect, and it is typically something that is not easy to fix or reasonable to fix based on the price you paid for the vehicle.

Dealerships that sell new cars can also sell lemons. For example, a new car can be a lemon if it has an issue that does not appear to be remedied in a reasonable length of time.

Take a Look at Lemon Laws

Each state has unique lemon laws, which is why it is important to talk about these issues with a lawyer who is aware of your state's unique situation. You may find that what qualifies as a lemon in one state does not qualify in yours.

Compile Paperwork

Next, you need to gather the important paperwork about the vehicle. Make sure that you provide information about when you bought the car as well as everything you have had to do to get the car back in driving condition. Gather information from each mechanic or shop that has worked on your car as well.

Make Sure You Followed Warranty Rules

Make sure that you follow your warranty exactly, only bringing the car to shops that are part of your warranty. Otherwise, you could find yourself in a situation where your warranty is completely voided and you do not have the same legal standing you had before.

If you are uncertain about what your warranty says, speak with a lemon lawyer and bring a copy of your warranty to the dealership. If you bought your vehicle from a private seller, you need to talk to a lawyer about what you can do.

Consult with a Lemon Lawyer Today

The next step is to attend your consultation with a lemon lawyer and discuss the options available. Whether you have a strong case or not, meeting with your lawyer is one of the best ways to ensure your rights are protected.