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What Should You Do Immediately After An Auto Accident?

by Layla Bryant

If you already went to the hospital after your auto accident, you may think it's all you need to do right now. Although going to the hospital is critical for you right now, so is calling an auto accident attorney. A personal injury attorney can fight for the medical and financial benefits you need to get well. Learn what you need to do immediately after your auto accident below.

What Should Do After You Receive Medical Care?

One of the most important things you should do after you receive medical care for your injuries and file a claim with your auto insurance carrier is call an attorney for help. Even if your auto insurance company promises to pay for your vehicle's repairs and your medical care, they may not do so in a timely manner. You may spend several weeks or longer waiting for your insurance company to honor your claim.

In addition, the type of claim you file can delay or keep you from receiving the car repairs and medical care you need. For example, if the other driver totaled or severely damaged your vehicle during the accident, it may take longer to complete your claim. Your insurance company may require multiple estimates for your vehicle before it pays for the repairs. The company may also seek medical evidence from the doctors who treated you immediately after your accident.

If you don't provide the information above in a timely manner, your insurance company may deny you. A personal injury lawyer can fight for your rights immediately after your accident. 

How Can an Attorney Speed Up the Process?

An attorney will contact your insurance company on your behalf. A lawyer needs to know if your insurance company answers your claim right away, or if it needs additional information from you. If your insurer needs additional information, such as copies of your police report or medical file, an attorney can obtain these critical documents for you.

A lawyer will also contact the other driver's insurance company and request payment from it. In many states, attorneys may pursue negligent or at-fault drivers and their insurance companies on the behalf of their clients. The driver's insurance company may answer your claim if law enforcement found the driver at fault for your accident. 

If an attorney can't secure your claim through the methods above, they'll take your case to personal injury court. An attorney will discuss the steps needed to complete your case if they need to do so.

Learn what you should do immediately after your auto accident by contacting a local law firm, such as Martinez King Law Firm, PLLC.