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Why You Should Hire an Attorney to Help You with a Wage Garnishment

by Layla Bryant

You might have just found out that your wages are being garnished to cover an old debt, back child support, or something else that you owe. Even if this hasn't happened yet, you might have been notified that it will be happening soon. You might not really think there is much that you can do about the situation, but there are attorneys out there who specialize in this area of law. Look into hiring an attorney who can help you with wage garnishment issues for the reasons below.

Mistakes Can Sometimes Be Made

If your wages are being garnished and you think that a mistake has been made, then you might be panicking and unsure of what to do. A wage garnishment lawyer can talk to you about your situation and look over the related paperwork. Then, they can help you determine whether or not a mistake has been made. Your wages might be garnished for something that you don't owe, or there might be a law violation in regards to the garnishment. If mistakes of any kind are being made in regards to your wage garnishment, an attorney can help you fight for yourself.

You May Be Able to Work Out a Deal

If your wages aren't being garnished yet, you should not wait until the situation gets more serious. Instead, you should talk to a wage garnishment attorney right away. It might be possible for you to work out some sort of arrangement so that you can prevent the wage garnishment from happening. For example, in some cases, it's possible to get on a payment plan on your own so that you can avoid wage garnishment.

Your Life Might Be Seriously Affected

Many people already have a hard time getting by with their regular paycheck. Once they start losing a significant portion of their paycheck to wage garnishments, they might struggle even more to cover their basic needs. If you are currently dealing with a wage garnishment, you might be finding it impossible to cover things like your rent, mortgage payment, or food for your family.

Your life can be seriously impacted by wage garnishment, and it's possible that the people you care about are being affected as well. An attorney might be able to help you with your situation, even if you do owe the debt. This varies depending on the situation and the laws that apply, but services like Alaska Cascade Financial Services can explain your options on how to move forward.