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Hurt On The Job As A Garbage Collector? Try To Get These Witnesses

by Layla Bryant

Getting injured on the job when you work as a garbage collector can leave you in a difficult situation, as it may be some time before you're able to work again. If you believe that you'll pursue a workers' compensation case against your employer, you want to strengthen it right away. If you've just sustained an injury on your route, you should know that witnesses can be critical for your case. Ideally, multiple people will have witnessed your injury, so take a moment to get their names and contact information before they leave the scene. Here are some potential witnesses for you.

The Homeowner

You'll sometimes come across homeowners as you stop to collect their household waste. Perhaps the person had just run his or her garbage bin to the curb, or maybe he or she is getting into the family car to leave for work. Even if you didn't have an interaction with the homeowner before your accident, he or she may have been watching you and could have seen what happened. There's a good chance that this individual will rush to your aid if your injury was evident, so be sure to ask for the person's contact details.

A Motorist

Sometimes, a line of vehicles will patiently wait behind your garbage truck as you stop to collect waste at residences along your route. If your injury took place between the curb and the truck, there's a good chance that at least the lead driver saw what happened. In some cases, one or more motorists will climb out of their cars to ask you if you're OK and, if necessary, to call for medical aid if it's evident that you require first aid. If you're able to do so, getting these peoples' information will be critical.

Your Colleague

Garbage collectors work in a number of different personnel combinations. Sometimes, you'll work alone — making it necessary to seek outside witnesses in the event of you getting injured. In other cases, you'll work with one or more peers. For example, one person might be driving the truck while you ride on the back and collect the garbage, or there may be someone driving and another colleague riding on the back with you. Ideally, in the event of an injury, your colleague will have seen what took place and will be able to serve as a witness for your workers' compensation case.

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