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Simple Mistakes While Driving That Could Lead To A Traffic Ticket

by Layla Bryant

When you're driving, it's easy to make decisions that are actually traffic violations, even if you don't view them this way. Many motorists make these decisions daily, and while there's usually no consequence to them, don't be surprised if you get pulled over if a police officer spots you. If a police officer sees you do something that is against the law, he or she may warn you or even ticket you — both of which can offer a serious incentive not to make the same mistake again in the future. Here are some simple mistakes that you've likely made several times, but that you should avoid.

Opening And Closing Your Car Door

If you've just pulled out of your driveway or left an area in which you've been parked, you might notice a warning light on your dashboard that indicates one of your doors is slightly ajar. Most drivers who receive this warning will open their car door and slam it shut while driving, or have a passenger perform this technique. Doing so might seem innocuous, but it's dangerous to a degree — and could definitely get you pulled over and ticketed for driving with an open door if an officer were to see you. The right move is to pull over in a safe area, stop your car, and then fix the door.

Temporarily Removing Your Seat Belt

People who wear their seat belts while driving may temporarily remove them for a number of reasons. For example, if you're wearing a heavy winter coat and get too hot, the easiest solution for removing the coat can be to remove the belt and then slip the coat off. Similarly, if you need to reach into the backseat to grab something, you may remove your belt for a moment. This action seems innocent, but having your belt off for even a few seconds is against the law — and could result in a ticket for not wearing your belt.

Dealing With Your Children

Distracted driving often conjures up visions of texting while behind the wheel, but you can easily behave in a distracted manner when you're driving with children. For example, many parents find themselves preparing food for their kids, fussing with children's toys, and even turning to discipline their children — all while they continue to drive. If a police officer were to see you behaving in such a way, you could get a distracted driving ticket.

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