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Do You And Your Spouse Both Know You Want A Divorce? What To Know About Mediation

by Layla Bryant

If divorce is something that has been weighing on the minds of you and your spouse and you think you are both prepared to move forward, there are some things you want to talk with a lawyer about. If the two of you are able to talk about divorce respectfully and without a lot of conflict, the potential for a mediated divorce could have a good outlook. Here are some of the things that you can take into consideration and discuss with each other and your law professional.

Mediating the Terms

You want to mediate the terms of your divorce, so you don't have to spend many days battling in court. This means that your divorce lawyer will talk with both of you about the things that you want. From there they will draw up an agreement. If you both sign the document and agree to the terms right away, then the divorce can be done quickly and without a lot of unnecessary hassle.

Saving Money

A mediated divorce will save you money in many ways. You will split the cost of one lawyer instead of both having to pay two. You both will work together to agree to the terms, so you aren't paying your lawyer for hours to go back and forth with new proposals and options. Saving money can be one of the most important things during a divorce since you both will have to manage finances on your own moving forward.

Court Approval Expectations

After the terms of the divorce have been finalized and the document has been signed, the lawyer will send the document to a judge so it can be approved. As long as the judge doesn't think that one person is living in fear and signing against their will or that something is very wrong with the agreement, they will consent and then the divorce will be over.

If you and your spouse both know that you want a divorce and you want it to move along quickly so you can move on, then you want to find a divorce lawyer who is familiar with mediating cases quickly. Talk with the lawyer to find out what you need to start doing to get the paperwork in the system that you have filed for divorce and to get an estimate of the time it will take to get the divorce mediated and totally completed.