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Planning A Shopping Spree? Use These Tips To Stay Safe In Crowded Areas

by Layla Bryant

For some, winter is known as the season for holiday feasting, college bowl games, and hitting the slopes to enjoy the snow. But for others, winter is best known as the beginning of their favorite shopping time of the year. From Black Friday to the year-end closeouts and January white sales, thousands of items will be discounted to give them extra appeal. If the arrival of winter and the thought of great shopping has got you counting your cash and dusting off your credit cards, the following tips will help keep you safe during all your winter shopping adventures. 

Dress for comfort 

Stilettos and high-heeled boots may make you feel awesome when out on the town, but on cracked parking lots and slick mall floors, they are an accident waiting to happen. Instead, serious shoppers should always dress to stay comfortable when planning on a lengthy shopping trip.  

Good clothing choices for both gals and guys are casual pants and tees, with a comfortable sweater or jacket and comfortable, walking shoes with slip-resistant soles. Refrain from wearing baggy or very loose clothing that can catch on shelving and merchandise in crowded stores. When carrying totes, bags, or purses, opt to keep them small with secure closures and straps to keep them close to your body.  

To help reduce the chance of being victimized by a thief, consider keeping credit cards and cash in a small wallet that can be tucked into the front pocket of your pants or jeans instead of placing it inside your bag or purse. 

Keep valuables out of sight in your parked car

As you purchase items, you may want to take them out to the car, instead of carrying them around for the remainder of your shopping trip. When doing this, be sure to always stash the items in your trunk where they are out of sight. In addition, always be sure to keep your car securely locked and parked in a well-lit area when shopping.

Be alert for hazards while shopping

Becoming injured while shopping can ruin an otherwise great outing, so take care to always remain alert for potential hazards as you shop. Some examples of safety hazards commonly found in malls and shops include: 

  • poorly stacked merchandise that may fall on passing shoppers 
  • spills and puddles on floors that can cause shoppers to slip and fall
  • broken mirrors or glass items that can cause injury
  • aisles, doorways, and exits that are obstructed by merchandise 

If you are or a companion are injured when shopping this winter, you may want to speak with a personal injury attorney to make sure that you are properly compensated for medical bills, lost income and other costs associated with the injury. For more information, contact companies like Erickson Law Office.