Moving Out of State With a Child Custody Agreement

3 Tips To Get You And Your Children Through Your Upcoming Divorce

by Layla Bryant

Divorce is always difficult but can be further complicated if the couple has children. In addition to likely fighting over the financials, divorce could mean an ugly child custody battle as well. Regardless of what happens though, it's likely important to both parents that the children get through this process with as little trauma as possible. Here are a few tips that might help.

Consider Mediation 

If there is any goodwill left between the two of you, it might still be worth it to see if you can sit down with your respective attorneys and go through a mediation. Mediation is essentially a negotiation between attorneys, (which will still need to be approved by a judge) that can help you avoid some of the uglier parts about dragging your case into a courtroom. When looking for divorce attorneys in your area, seek out one that has experience with mediation if that is something that you think you might be interested in.

Consider Therapy And Not Just For The Kids

It can help for your children to have someone to talk to during this time period and it's understandable if they are not completely comfortable talking to one or both parents about what is going on. Seek out a family therapist who can sit down with your children and explain the divorce while also providing them space to get their feelings out. If you and your spouse are still on speaking terms, it might even be worth it to have the entire family sit down together, provided everyone can keep their temper in check in front of the kids.

Don't Talk Negatively About Your Partner

Perhaps the most tempting thing to do when going through a divorce when children are involved is to use your children to vent about your soon to be ex-spouse. But that's simply not fair to your partner and more importantly, not fair to your children. It's critical for their continued growth and development that they have a positive relationship with both parents. You also need to keep in mind that if you are bad mouthing your spouse in front of the kids ,it could get back to them, and then what you said could end up being read in court.

Divorce is always painful but can be much more so when there are kids in the equation. Talk to your divorce attorney about the possibility of mediation to avoid a nasty battle in court and talk to your spouse about getting therapy for the children or even each other if you think that might help. Reach out to a local divorce attorney today for more information.