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Three Routine Truck Accident Lawsuit Questions Answered

by Layla Bryant

Having the unpleasant luck of being involved in an automobile accident can be a confusing experience. Unfortunately, many individuals may not be particularly informed about the process of pursuing damages following these accidents. In particular, it may be common for individuals to have several questions about auto accidents involving trucks that they need answered so they can make informed decisions.

Are Truck Accidents Treated Differently By The Legal System?

Automobile accidents have the potential to cause extensive damages and injuries. The severity of the damages involved in these accidents can be greatly increased when a large commercial truck is involved. This stems from the extremely large size and heavy weight of these vehicles. While the procedural task of resolving the damage claim will be similar to what is involved with accidents only involving automobiles, the sums of money involved may be far higher. As a result, it can be common for these cases to take longer to resolve, as the stakes are higher for both sides of the dispute.

What Happens When You File A Truck Accident Lawsuit?

In attempting to resolve these disputes, it is common for your attorney to attempt to negotiate a financial settlement for the accident that is acceptable to both parties. However, many defendants will simply refuse to make a fair offer for the damages that were incurred. When this is the case, it will be necessary to file a formal lawsuit. Typically, these lawsuits will name the driver of the truck, the company employing the driver as well as the insurance company as defendants in the matter. Once the lawsuit is filed, the process of discovery will begin. During this phase, both sides will research all available facts of the case and share this information, which will allow any parties not responsible or liable for the damages to be removed from the lawsuit.

How Do You Proceed If You Can Not Afford To Hire An Attorney For Your Truck Accident Case?

Sadly, there are many individuals that will not utilize the services of an experienced attorney due to fears of the costs involved. This should not be overly surprising as many accident victims may quickly find themselves facing dire financial circumstances. Fortunately, truck accident attorneys will usually only charge their clients in the event that they are able to successfully obtain a settlement. This fee will usually be a percentage of the final settlement as well as any fees that were expended to represent the case, such as court costs and deposition fees.

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