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A Guide To Helping Your Employees Prevent Office Injuries

by Layla Bryant

You may not realize it until it happens, but your employees can get injured from the comfort of their cozy office. As an employer, you must pay for the insurance necessary to compensate any injuries your employees suffer while working for you. For this reason, being aware of ways your employees can reduce their risk of office injuries is in your best interest.

Here's everything you need to tell your employees about reducing their risk of injury in the office.

Adjust Your Posture

Posture can be considered one of the most important factors to make sure injuries stay down. Whether it be an office position, or a position that requires the employee to be on their feet the majority of the time, poor posture can lead to back strain, pulled muscles, and inability to do their job efficiently.

Make sure your staff knows proper posture techniques. If it is an office position, make sure they are aware to sit with their feet flat on the floor with their computer or paperwork where they do not have to strain their neck to see their work. If it is a position where they have to walk or lift somewhat heavy objects, ensure they are educated on proper lifting procedures for their occupation and they walk with their back straight and their shoulders back.

Protective Equipment

If the employee's job consists of handling harmful substances, such as chemicals, medications, or bodily fluids, make sure the employees are aware they have adequate protective equipment needed for the tasks that need completed, and how to properly use them. Examples of protective equipment that may be necessary and should be readily available are eye protection, a plastic or paper gown to protect their clothes, arms or legs from getting soiled, gloves, and masks to prevent splashing of substances onto the face or being inhaled.

Workplace Environment

Many workplace injuries are caused by employees tripping and falling down. The falls may be caused by clumsiness, not paying attention, or from their work environment. As the employer, it is your responsibility to make sure the workplace is safe for employees as well as customers. Make sure there are no loose carpeting or rugs that can cause someone to trip or slip.

Do not have extension cords or other wires that are not fastened, it is easy for a foot to get tangled and cause a fall. If there are any stairs or any other conditions that are unavoidable but could possibly cause a fall or another kind of injury, make sure there are clearly posted signs to alert the employee or customer to be extra careful. An example of a couple of these signs are wet floor signs or stairs notification.

Workplace injuries are a fairly common issue with all businesses. This is why workman's compensation insurance is a necessity to any and all businesses so they do not get sued. If the employer makes sure to implement safe working habits as outlined above, the injuries at their establishment should be able to be kept at a minimum. To learn more, contact a law firm like The Law Offices Of Martin Von Mizener.