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Is Someone Trying To Charge You With Assault After A Fight? What To Know

by Layla Bryant

Did you get in a physical altercation while you were out in public, and now the person wants to press assault charges against you, but they were just as physical as you were? You need to get a criminal lawyer to fight the charges to see if you can't get the charges dropped permanently. There is a lot of information that is needed before your lawyer starts to compile the case, and here is what you'll want to have when you go for your first meeting.

Your Medical Records

Were you also injured in the fight, and can claim that you were the one who was badly assaulted? Bring your medical records so the lawyer can decide if your injuries are enough to pursue a case where you file charges against the other person, and if you can use it to make the other person involved look guiltier. If you have documented injuries and you want to file charges, they may be willing to drop the case so they don't get charges as well.

The Police Report

If police didn't come to the scene of the incident, the person may have gone down and filed a police report after the incident took place. The copies of all police reports are public record, so go get your own copy so you can see what they put, and so your lawyer can see what the other person is claiming.

Possible Surveillance Evidence

Was there a security camera at the business or location where you were at? It may not have been in clear view, but you want to call the property owner and ask. If it were outside, there is a possibility that a recorded traffic light, ATM machine, or an exterior security system could have picked up the altercation.

Eye Witness Accounts

Do you have the name and phone number of someone that saw the entire thing take place? Can you convince this person to write a statement for your lawyer or for a judge describing the incident in detail, and to tell what they see in person if they have to? This would be great, even if they state that you were both equally involved.

This is the key information that you need for your criminal defense lawyer if you are going to fight assault charges, and you don't want to leave any details out. Hire a lawyer and get started right away. To learn more, contact a law firm like Abom & Kutulakis LLP