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4 Ways To Fight Depression During A Divorce

by Layla Bryant

According to experts, divorce is the second most traumatic life event, second to the death of a spouse. It makes sense that a lot of people going through a divorce experience situational depression. After all, even if the divorce is something you wanted, it represents a major disruption to your life and forces you to rethink your entire future. While it's normal to be a little down during a divorce, there are definite, specific things you can do to regain your emotional equanimity. Here are four ways to fight depression during a divorce:

Try Something New

Instead of clinging to your old life, try looking at your divorce as an opportunity to try things you always daydreamed about doing but never did. Shaking up your routine will help you regain your sense of identity and reinvigorate your life. It can be something major like a trip to South America, or something as simple as a cooking class or new workout routine. The point is to force yourself out of your comfort zone.

Clean Out and Organize

There is something emotionally cathartic and mind-clearing about cleaning out your house and decluttering. Now is the time to get rid of stuff that's weighing you down. Instead of holding onto your ex's old discarded clothes, or mementos of your time together, donate them to charity. Reorganize your closets and enjoy the fact that you only have to make room for your own things now.

Seek Out Human Contact

One of the scariest aspects of divorce is the feeling of isolation. Even in a dysfunctional marriage, you get used to always having someone there. Don't let your divorce cause you to be isolated. Reach out to friends and family and let them know you could use some company. Even better, join groups based around any hobbies or interests you have in order to meet new people and expand your feeling of community.

Consider Therapy

It's okay and not a sign of weakness if you need some professional help to get through this complicated time. A good therapist is not only a sounding board and outlet for your painful thoughts and memories, but they will also help you reframe the way you think of yourself and your future to be more hopeful and positive.

While these five steps won't magically make your divorce a completely happy event, they will help you navigate it with less sadness. If you need a divorce attorney for your case, visit Novenstern Fabriani & Gaudio, LLP.