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Tips To Fight A Traffic Ticket

by Layla Bryant

Getting a traffic ticket can be a frustrating experience, especially if you weren't the only driver violating the law or if you think the charges are incorrect. Thankfully, there is a fairly straightforward process to follow in order to contest a traffic ticket. Here are some steps to follow as soon as you receive a ticket.

Tell the Officer that You Challenge the Offense

The first step is to immediately say that you don't accept the offense. This will in initiate a dispute, and the officer who gave you the ticket will need to start gathering evidence to show that you violated the law. If it's already after the fact, you can still call the number of the police department on your ticket and file a dispute.

Get a Lawyer Involved

As soon as you start a trial for your ticket, be sure to set up a relationship with a criminal traffic attorney who will speak on your behalf. This will protect you from any missteps during your trial period. Your traffic lawyer can evaluate the evidence against you to see whether it is legally valid and whether it can be fought.

Don't Plead Guilty

If you don't plead guilty during your trial, there is a very high burden of proof for getting your charges accepted as legal evidence. There are a few problems that can happen with the police officer's evidence; for instance, the equipment may not have gotten an accurate reading on your speed. Or, the evidence might have been collected illegally. By holding out and pleading not guilty, you can prolong the time span of your case until the officer may not be able to come up with more evidence against you.

Take Your Time

While you may feel rushed to get through the case, accept the first court date that the judge offers you, and generally hasten the process, this can work to your disadvantage. You have the right to postpone the date so that you don't have to take off work on a specific day or to call in sick if you need to. This can sometimes cause the police officer to give up on the ticket rather than follow through with all of the paperwork.

If you follow these steps to get out of a criminal traffic ticket, you can avoid a hefty fine and, sometimes, a criminal charge on your record. Having a lawyer to guide you through the process can streamline the appeals and help you put your best foot forward in using the law to your advantage.