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4 Things You Should Know If Filing A Workers' Compensation Case

by Layla Bryant

If you have been hurt while you are at work, this can be devastating. Dealing with your injury and facing scrutiny from your employer regarding the details of the accident can simply be overwhelming. It is important to your case to know specific things that must be accomplished to receive workers' compensation in this situation. This can better prepare you for getting the money you deserve during this difficult time.

Provide details

It is necessary for you to provide details of your case to your employer. Listed below are questions you may need to answer:

1.  What caused the accident to occur?

2.  Were the floors wet or dangerous if you had a slip and fall accident?

3.  Were you taking any medications that could have impacted your behavior?

4.  Had you drunk any alcohol before coming to work?

5.  Did any of your co-workers witness what happened?

Additionally, be sure to report the incident on the day that it happened immediately to your supervisor for the best results.

Visit the right providers

Many employers will only allow you to go to certain doctors or a hospital. These usually have an agreement with the employer that will work to reduce the cost. You should be sure you visit a medical provider that the person you work for tells you to visit. Otherwise, you may be responsible for part of the costs out of your own pocket.

Get your medical records

It is important that your doctor lists your injury as being one that occurred at work. You should obtain these records from your provider on the day of your visit. This can be the proof that is necessary for you to receive workers' compensation.

Be sure to tell the truth

The details of what caused the injury may be fully investigated by your employer. It is critical that you remain truthful about everything that occurred the day of your accident. This will ensure you will be capable of receiving money for your losses.

For instance, if you were in another department when you shouldn't have been, this information should be provided on the day of your accident.

Finally, if you abide by the requirements set by your employer regarding worker's compensation, you should be able to receive it. However, if you are faced with any difficulty in doing so, be sure to consult with an attorney who specializes in this area. For more information, contact a local law firm like J. Bradley Baker, LLC.